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Each Loop restaurant is unique—what links us is our craveable menu and experience, and our desire to make a difference. We are inspired to think and act beyond our restaurants and to serve and reflect each community we're in for the greater good. To that end, we partner with City Rescue Mission in Jacksonville, FL to help combat drug and alcohol addition, homelessness and hunger by offering their dessert line, Charis Chocolates. If you represent a school, charity or cause that is important to you and you are seeking a donation, please reach out 30 days in advance for consideration at We support programs that foster a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Max Schneider

Max's Story

Max Sticker

From the Schneider family, founders of The Loop —

Max’s story is one that we sadly share with thousands of families across our nation. He was our beloved son & brother, bright, intuitive, sensitive, competitive, hysterically funny, we adored him.

His childhood dream of playing college football at FSU became a reality. As a punter, he incurred common injuries during practices and games which opened the door to easily available pain relief. The seemingly “safe” pain pills led to a 22 year battle with substance abuse which tragically took his life in 2018. Max was the father of two precious children whose lives will be forever impacted by the loss of their daddy. This isn’t how it should be.


Our Christian faith gives us comfort and the hope in knowing we will one day see Max again as the man God created him to be, whole and free from the insidious disease of addiction.

In the meantime, we want to help shed light on local help that’s available for those struggling with addiction. We believe in the City Rescue Missions life building programs because they work. If you are struggling with substance abuse or know someone who is and is in need of help, please don’t wait to reach out and make a simple call. Phone 904-387-HELP

In time, profits from the sale of Charis Chocolates will go directly to the City Rescue Missions life changing outreaches.


Eat chocolate & change lives—it’s a good thing.

Terry, Mike, Hillary & Sam

If you'd like to learn more, please watch this video:

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